About Us

Safco® is excited to provide you with a variety of workspace solutions that will help make your workday easier, more comfortable and hopefully a little more fun. For more than 50 years, we have been a mid-market manufacturer of workplace solutions and ancillary products. We continue to enhance our product portfolio and service offerings by adding the Mayline® and Focal Upright™ product lines to our brand. Together, these products create an extensive product line that will win workspaces over one seamlessly coordinated product at a time. And that’s not all. We’ve also expanded our services to better fit your needs. So, pull up your favorite task, perch or ball chair and see how Safco can help you with your workspace needs.

48 Hour Quick Ship

Inquiring minds want to know: What exactly is 48 Hour Quick Ship? 48 Hour Quick Ship means that anything in our Quick Ship Catalog or marked with our 48 Hour icon, will ship from one of our DC’s within 48 hours of a complete Purchase Order being sent. Now you may be wondering what a complete Purchase Order means; It simply means it has all the information we need to submit an order such as color and feature choices, quantity, shipping information, etc., are present and accounted for.

Our Locations

It’s all about location. And lucky for you we have several of them. Our distribution centers, manufacturing facilities and showrooms create a network built to provide a fast and easy customer experience.

Distribution Centers (DC’s)
Our DC’s give us the ability to ship our most popular Quick Ship products from a location near you and do it faster than you can say “Wood Adjustable Corrugated Literature Organizer.” Need to know exactly where that aforementioned organizer is shipping from? Simply contact our expert Customer Care team for a speedy answer to this and all of your Safco questions – even the ones you didn’t know you had.

Manufacturing Facilities
Safco is jumping for joy at opening our new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Milford, IA. This new plant will allow us to build our legacy products more effectively and enable new product design for the future and beyond! Our Kennesaw, GA facility is a light manufacturing plant where all of our configured and custom upholstery seating is produced and our lockers are built.

If you would like to see our products in-person and possibly take a swivel chair for a spin, we have three showroom locations filled with a variety of our products. If one of those locations doesn’t fit into your travel schedule, simply let us know and we can direct you to one of our Rep Group partners’ 18 showroom locations. Safco Showrooms are located in:

Last, but certainly not least, is our headquarters in New Hope, MN. This is where your orders get placed, calls and emails get answered, products designed, and marketing materials (like this fine copy you’re reading and our website) are produced. It’s the place Safco calls home and where we will be waiting for your call should you need our assistance.

Complimentary Space Planning Services

Did someone say FREE? Yes, that’s right – Safco offers Space Planning free of charge to our customers. Our team of space planning experts provide workspace and storage solution designs that include our entire product offering, right down to every last mesh organizer. Plus, our design renderings showcase how Safco products will fit into your space and bring in color and textures so you can see what your space will look like – making guesswork a thing of the past.

Not only do we have our entire catalog available for space planning, but our designers are experts in our highly configurable storage and filing solutions. If you need Mobile 1000, Mobile Lite, 4-post shelving, Arc™ Rotary Files, heavy-duty shelving, Flip ’n File cabinets, File Harbor cabinets or Kwik Track systems for your space our team will specify exactly what you need and what the space requires.

Installation Services

Now you need someone to install all that great Safco product. We have you covered there as well, with a network of installers across the U.S. Plus, our in-house Installation Manager will help with any questions to ensure your project goes smoothly from the time your product arrives until every last piece of hardware is in place.


At Safco, we understand that quality extends beyond a simple expectation of function. It’s the special treatment our customers deserve, a product that exceeds expectations of design and value and the advancement of industry standards through great product and service examples. From concept to delivery, we integrate high levels of quality as our standard and work hard to impress our customers everyday. Safco is committed to the highest level of satisfaction in the manufacture, sale and support of our products. We support a complete satisfaction initiative by striving for continuous improvements in all areas of product and service. Safco regards all of its quality programs as an integral part of our company’s improvement process. Safco’s quality program works to provide products that meet or exceed the quality standards our customers expect.


Safco not only holds itself to strict environmental standards, we require suppliers to regard the standards as a total supply chain initiative. Suppliers play an important role in Safco’s long-standing commitment to perform operations in a manner consistent with sound health, safety and environmental management practices. Because of this, suppliers are not only expected to comply with applicable health, safety and environmental laws and regulations, they are expected to seek continuous improvement within these realms.

As an industry leader, Safco aims to set high environmental standards offering a large collection of GREENGUARD Certified products. The GREENGUARD Certification Program is internationally recognized for evaluating product emissions and certifying building materials, furnishings, finishes and cleaning products and processes that meet stringent product emissions criteria set by UL Environment. This stringent criteria has enabled GREENGUARD Certified products to be recognized as qualifying for Leader in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) points, allowing them to contribute toward LEED certification. Safco’s long-standing dedication to ensure products meet the rigorous chemical emissions standards of GREENGUARD Certification signifies our stewardship to every environment. Safco continues to become an environmentally conscious company with the intention to offer more products that our customers can feel good about and responsible practices that encourage sustainability, helping us obtain a proud standing in our community and the planet.

Finally, Safco uses FSC and Smartwood Certified catalogs, brochures and other publications whenever possible as part of the Rainforest Alliance Certification. In addition, these publications have been printed from soy ink. Soy ink, derived from soybeans, is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional petroleum-based ink.


Safco advocates continuous improvement in the realms of efficient recycling and/or disposal of waste materials and improving treatment and control of waste emissions affecting air, water and soil. Safco also encourages the practice of waste reduction operations such as machine efficiency, raw material utilization, conservation of soil, air, water quality, biodiversity, wildlife and aquatic habitats, the practice of sustainable forest management policies where applicable, end-of-life treatment recommendations, raw material and recycled content regulation and legal compliance with environmental legislation.


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